Proven to be the most economical and environmentally effective product for addressing motor oil, transformer (mineral) oil, anti-freeze, hydraulic oil, cooking oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, paint spills and leaks indoors to pipeline and railcar crude oil mishaps in the environment.

Spill TACKLE absorbs on contact without having to “work in” or “grind with your foot.” We package our products in recycled plastic bags and jugs for weatherproofing so our products work for you instead of causing you work to protect our products.

Our absorbent is made from organic, reclaimed agriculture and forestry materials, so Spill TACKLE will biodegrade along with encapsulated hydrocarbon fluids making it safe for municipal landfill storage and outdoor applications.

Absorbency Side-by-Side Comparison

Side-by-side test of how well Spill TACKLE from TACKLE Technologies works better than premium clay absorbent products. Works fast, cleans up fast and is environmentally friendly – created from reclaimed forest and agricultural materials.

Spill TACKLE can handle all kinds of fluid leaks

Spill TACKLE from TACKLE Technologies is created from reclaimed forest and agricultural materials. Here are some example of Spill TACKLE handling oil, used oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, etc.

Spill TACKLE absorbs over 400% more liquid than Oil Dri clay absorbents and our 20lb. bag will absorb as much as a 30lb. bag of Oil Gator.

Spill Tackle Tough

Spill Tackle Tough

Granular Absorbent

Easy to spread over large surface areas. Powerful wicking action. Universal absorbent that works on water, oils, solvents, cooking oils, human and pet waste. Absorbs on contact. Encapsulates spill within cellular structure. Will not leach.

 Universal and Hydrophobic

Universal and Hydrophobic

Socks, Pads, Pillows & Booms

For use on land or water to stop the spread of hazardous spills from causing injury, more damage or from entering environmentally sensitive areas like storm water drains, ditches, or streams. For use in machine shops where spills occur daily, leaky fittings, weepy valves and hydraulic lines.

Universal and Hydrophobic

Universal and Hydrophobic

Spill Containment Kits

We take the Spill Tackle of each of our products and bring them together in extra tough kits. No job is the same. Get the right kit for you. Don’t see something here? We take the guess work out of ordering and are happy to put together custom kits.