Spill TACKLE: Socks, Pads, Pillows and Booms

Designed to absorb oil and other petroleum-based liquids while repelling water, Spill TACKLE absorbent pads, pillows and socks have absorbency rates as high as any polypropylene absorbent pad on the market. Custom sizes and shapes of all of our absorbents can also be requested to your exact requirements.


Spill TACKLE Universal Absorbent Socks

Spill TACKLE Universal Absorbent Socks

An absolute must for any haz mat spill! Our socks absorb up to 2.5 times their weight any liquid from water-based fluids to aggressive acids.

One 4-ft. sock absorbs 2.5 gallons of liquid.


  • Two Sizes: 4 or 10-foot lengths
  • Intended For: Liquid Absorption
  • Storage Temp Range: Store between 0°F and 120°F
  • Sold by: Sock or Box
  • Weight: x lbs.
  • # per Box: 60 feet
Spill TACKLE Absorbent Sock at work

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