Spill Tackle Comes to Life.

Spill Tackle is a patented blend of agricultural/forestry commodities and oils that was founded in Mississippi and is made from 100% sustainable materials. Tackle Technologies, LLC. was launched in 2012 and was a development company for a wide range of products from injection molding to new absorption technology. After discovering the capabilities, characteristics, and applications for this absorbent product, Tackle decided to pursue this opportunity on a truly superior product. Tackle continued to maximize the development and performance of the absorbent while an automated production facility was developed to focus on volume and availability of the product now known as Spill Tackle. Spill Tackle was launched in 2015 with a goal to eliminate inefficient clay products and the expensive processes required to handle and dispose of them.

Spill Tackle is a superior performing absorbent product and is made from recycled/repurposed materials that would otherwise wind up in landfills. By taking these wastes and re purposing them, Spill Tackle offers an extremely sustainable, high performing product, that is cost effective for all levels of application. Spill Tackle is USDA bio-preferred, up to 6x more absorbent than clay, bio degrades simple hydrocarbon fluids like motor oil, and USEPA leachate tested. Spill Tackle has clients in a wide range of industries across the nation that include but are not limited to: Oil and Gas Exploration, Transportation/Logistics, Environmental Response, Haz-Waste Hauling, Food Processing Companies, Manufacturing, Fabrication, Rendering Plants, Solidification/Landfills, Scrapyards and Power Companies, Utility Companies, Cities and States, School Districts and many more. As we expand our reach across the globe our message is that from production to application to disposal, Spill Tackle is second to none.

Jacob Steinle

Tackle Technologies Operations Director

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Cell: 662-820-1269

Jacob Steinle was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta and has worked with this patented absorbent technology (Spill Tackle) since the days in development with Tackle Technologies. Jacob started on the ground floor with Tackle doing product development and testing as an intern. He saw the opportunity and the task at hand and has been with Tackle ever since. Jacob conducts group demonstrations/training for Manufacturing Reps, Dealers, and Distributors across the Gulf South and is the primary Rep that covers Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Jon Haines

Jon Haines

Tackle Technologies North East Distribution Director

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Cell: 267-229-7160

Jon Haines has been a part of the Tackle Team since 2017. Jon was invited to join the team after working at the International Waste Expo in May 2017. Jon graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Management in 2001. For the first 11 years of his career, he worked in a managerial role for a prominent dealer group in the Greater Philadelphia Area. In 2011, he was contracted to work with a premier Equipment Manufacturer for the automotive sector. In 2016, Jon became a Distributor of Spill Tackle Products and after meeting the family was offered a position as the North-East Distribution manager. Since then - Jon has grown our distribution partners in the North East and managed our Distribution warehouse outside the Philadelphia Area.

Andrew Steinle

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Andrew Steinle is the brother of Jacob, and graduated from Ole Miss in December of 2017. Andrew helped with Spill Tackle during his college years through summer internships and has been able to take on more responsibility over the past 6 months. Andrew lives in the Mississippi Delta and manages sales and customer relationships in the Southeast. He also handles product demos at trade shows across the country. Andrew has seen Spill Tackle since development as well and conducts demonstrations throughout MS, AL, and TN.