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  • All orders are FOB primary Spill Tackle manufacturing facility in Long Beach, MS 39560

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  • * Made for large scale application
  • 25 bags (LTL freight ~ 550lbs)
    48 bags (LTL freight ~ 1000lbs
    70 bags (LTL freight ~ 1450lbs)
    ***Please contact Spill Tackle directly for FTL rates***
  • 4'x3" (15/box) (8 boxes/pallet)
  • 10'x3" (6/box) (12 boxes/pallet)
  • * Each kit absorbs up to 6 gallons *Durable canvas bag
    * 2-4'socks; 5lbs Spill Tackle; 10 absorbent pads; gloves, ties, disposal
  • ** 2-10'socks; 6-4'socks, 10, 2lb Spill Tackle bags; 100pads, 4 glove pairs, disposal bags, and zip ties.
  • 16x18"(100/bale) (36 bales/pallet)
  • (100/bale) (36 bales/pallet)
  • 150'x28" (18/pallet)
  • 150'x28" (18/pallet)
  • 10'X5" (4/package) (16/pallet)

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