Powerful wicking action actually draws the spill out of even difficult surfaces like cement or asphalt.


Built to finish the job completely and not require a pad or mop for trace spill residue.


Unlike clay, our all-natural, biodegradable product contains zero carcinogens.

Spill Tackle: Industries and Use

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  • Government and Municipalities: use for containing spills on public property, spills associated with large fleets of vehicles and vehicle maintenance
  • Oil and Gas Production: use for spills around well-heads during drilling, spills associated with heavy equipment used during pre-production/production
  • Power Generation/Utilities: use for transformer spills, spills from blown hydraulic lines on line-repair trucks
  • Transportation/Trucking: use for fluids leaking from trucks, spills that occur during fueling, spills that occur during cargo transfer
  • Refinery/Petrochemical/Chemical: spills that occur during the handling of hazardous materials and hazardopower plantus waste
  • Maritime/Shipping: engine room oil spills, spills that occur during transfer or handling of cargo
  • Manufacturing: socks and pads are used to contain leaking hydraulic hoses/connections, and toclean up/contain hazardous material when spilled
  • Pulp and Paper Mills: use to cleanup leaking hydraulic lines on conveyors and machinery, and to contain hazardous material when spilled.
  • Waste Management/Waste Collection: used to solidify oily sludge and hazardous liquids to make suitable for landfill.spill Used to contain any leaking hazardous waste that is accidentally/negligently disposed of, used for spills that occur from leaking or blown hydraulic rams
  • Towing and Recovery: use to clean up spills after auto accidents (diesel, transmission fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze,etc)
  • Emergency Response: to clean up spills after train derailments, over-the-road tanker accidents and other catastrophic accidents and natural events (hurricanes, earthquakes, etc).
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants: Spill Tackle performs extremely well against wastewater coagulates that are used in processing water across the country.
  • Chicken/Meat Processing: Spill Tackle has worked with many large chicken and meat processing plants across the Southeast. Spill Tackle works to absorb beef/chicken fat/blood throughout multiple stages of processing. It can be used where the waste is dumped into 18 wheelers and also in fat storage containers.
  • Dog/Cat Food Processing: Spill Tackle absorbs the flavoring agents or fats and chemicals associated with processing dog and cat food.