Spill Tackle comes to life.

Spill Tackle came to life in the Mississippi delta in 2009 in the heart of the Mississippi agricultural community. The Steinle family worked in their backyard developing spill tackle and testing its absorbency using inflatable swimming pools. The family tested the product in various situations, from used cooking grease and vehicle oil changes to spill paint. Spill Tackle performed extremely well each time. The family decided to have the product tested in a lab and found that the product had natural bio-remedial properties as well as a non-leaching capability.

Tackle Technologies was launched in the summer of 2012 with a goal to provide their customers a fully sustainable and recycled product line that would take place of existing clay absorbent products. After two years of product research, development, modification, and construction of a fully automated production plant, Spill Tackle was ready to launch.

Jacob Steinle

Tackle Technologies Operations Director

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Cell: 662-820-1269

Jacob has been part of the Tackle Team since 2014 after he graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in Managerial Finance. His initial position with Tackle Technologies as a sales representative proved very effective and was promoted quickly. He has worked tirelessly in building the Spill Tackle brand and we are honored he is a part of the team. Jacob has been a key asset to our Sales Team in the Texas area through the Gulf Region adding to our Distributor Network and Key National Accounts.

Jon Haines

Jon Haines

Tackle Technologies North East Distribution Director

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Cell: 267-229-7160

Jon Haines has been a part of the Tackle Team since 2017. Jon was invited to join the team after working at the International Waste Expo in May 2017. Jon graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Management in 2001. For the first 11 years of his career, he worked in a managerial role for a prominent dealer group in the Greater Philadelphia Area. In 2011, he was contracted to work with a premier Equipment Manufacturer for the automotive sector. In 2016, Jon became a Distributor of Spill Tackle Products and after meeting the family was offered a position as the North-East Distribution manager. Since then - Jon has grown our distribution partners in the North East and managed our Distribution warehouse outside the Philadelphia Area.